Steel Joists

Steel Joists’ Advantages

Using Sarker Steel Limited joist and deck system for flooring and roof construction has proven itself to be a most advantageous solution.

Efficiencies of high-strength steel

  1. Speed and ease of erection
  2. Low self-weight of roof and floor construction allowing for smaller columns and foundations
  3. Increased bay dimensions reducing the numbers of joists and columns and simplifying building erection
  4. Greater floor plan layout flexibility
  5. Maximum ceiling height due to installation of ducts through the joist web systems
  6. Easy adaptation to acoustical insulation systems
  7. Floor and roof composition having long-term resistance to fire as established by underwriters laboratories.


To provide lateral support during construction, or for other special needs, Sarker steel Limited provides a full range of joist accessories including:

  1. Horizontal bridging
  2. Diagonal bridging (Welded or Bolted)
  3. Knee Braces
  4. Joist Substitutes
  5. Headers
  6. Extensions


An extension designates a continuances beyond the normal bearing of the joists. The extension can be the top chord only or the full depth of the joist, in which case, it is referred to as a cantilever joist.