Project Execution Procedure


All jobs begin with Project Information Form (PIF) to be filled in by the customers with the help of our Sales Engineers. Those who are in distance please send PIFs to following E-mail: or by any means to our Head Office.

Project Estimation

ALL PIFs are eventually processed in our Estimation Department by senior PEB design/ estimating engineers to produce economical solution to your precise requirements in compliance with the latest Building Codes.

Fastest Response on Project Requests

Sarker Steel Limited is one of the best PEB manufacturers in this region that has a dedicated Department for the estimation of Projects. We are also the high capacity PEB manufacturer whose dynamic Sales Engineers are totally engaged in pre-sales activities ensuring the fastest response to Project Quotations.

Comprehensive Quotations

We are confident that Sarker Steel’s Project Proposals would be the most comprehensive, transparent and economic solutions in the industry.

Proposal Drawings

All of our Project Proposals are accompanied with proposal drawings to help you see exactly what is being offered. A typical proposal drawing package for a building includes a column layout plan, a frame cross section and four elevations. Building accessories will be shown on the proposal drawings if there locations are known at time of inquiry.


Sarker Steel is unique in the industry in that it manages its jobs totally from the Head Office. Immediately after our Project Proposal is signed by the Customer all job documents are transferred to our head office based Customer Service Department (CSD) where a CS Engineer will manage the job from its date of entry in our sales register until the last components of the PEB’s in the job are erected.

Quickest job Processing Cycle

Sarker Steel’s job Management system enables information and queries to flow directly and quickly between our Head Office and the Customer organization. No time is lost by routing quieries and information. Because all our job processing resources (Engineering, Production Planning, Production, Quality Control, Shipping and Finance) are located at our Head Office & Factory. Customer queries are responded directly, thoroughly and quickly by our professional experts.

Job Processing Activities Include:
  1. Job Confirmation by Sarker Steel Limited
  2. Queries from us to Customer Customers special requests
  3. Our preparation & submittal of Approval Drawings
  4. Your return of Approval Drawings
  5. Our preparation of Shop Drawings, Erection Drawings and Bill of Material
  6. Release of the job for Production (this is done after the Customer fulfills his payment terms with Sarker Steel)
  7. Actual Production of job
  8. Release of the job for shipments
  9. Quality Control throughout the Proces
Preparation of Approval Drawings

Sarker Steel needs approximately 2 weeks to prepare approval drawings for an average building; up to 4 weeks or more for complex buildings.

Issued by Sarker Steel “For Approval” by Customer

Customer is required to check (√) one box only □ Approved As It Is
□ Approved As Noted
□ Re-submit As Noted
Customer Signature Date:
Pleases return all drawings for the complete building, signed and dated, to Head Office of Sarker Steel

For each drawing the Customer must check only one of the three boxes in the stamp, sign and date the drawing and return all approval drawings for a specific building to our Head Office. If re-submission is required the process is repeated until final approval is given.

Preparing the Shop Drawings and Erection Drawings

Sarker Steel can begin this activity (for a specific building) only after the return of all the approved drawings of the building (signed & dated) from the Customer.

Sarker Steel needs 2-3 weeks to complete the preparation of shop drawings and erection drawings for an average building.

Actual Production of Job

Sarker Steel needs approximately 2-3 weeks to produce an average building and make it ready for shipment / delivery. If the building is a large or multistory, partial shipment / delivery will be arranged Grid / Layer-wise.


Sarker Steel’s management of a job does not stop after our dispatch of all the materials for a job. It extends to the time when all the components of the PEB’s in the job are erected.

Supply Only Contracts

Sarker Steel maintains erection specialist who provides site support to all our supply only jobs. His services are provided when requested by the customer and include supervision of the setting of anchor bolts, supervision of the unloading of the first shipment of materials, providing erection guidance to erectors and following up on behalf of the Customers. He ensures the speedy erection of the job in a safe and proper manner.

Erection Options

A customer has 3 options to erect our PEB’s:

  1. Erect the PEB’s using his own resources;
  2. Subcontract the erection of the PEB’s to a Specialized Sarker Erectors; or
  3. Subcontract the erection of the PEB’s to Sarker Steel.
Supply & Erection Contracts
Setting of Anchor Bolts :

Necessary instructions and technical guidance to the customer’s civil contractor will be given by Sarker Steel Project Management Team in Customer Services Department. Required tem plates shall also be provided to the Site in time.

Sarker Steel is organized to execute the erection of its jobs using in-house erection resources. Sarker Steel’s willingness to undertake direct responsibility for the erection of a job depends on job size, job location and Customer profile.

When the erection of the PEB’s is included within our scope, we are responsible for the unloading of the materials at the Customer’s jobsite. Often we will also supervise the setting of anchor bolts to ensure that they are accurately set.