Erection & Installation

This company has a defined procedure of steel structure building erection and installation. The procedure ensures all engineering techniques required for steel structure erection and maintaining all safety parameters.

Step by step detail instructions helps the erection process to be smoother and faster. It also helps reduces erection errors to zero level. Use of engineering controls and PPE at all stages increases functional efficiency of the erection process.

We deploy heavy cranes to erect the heavy structures from our own Crane Pool. We also use tower cranes for erection of high rise or monumental steel structures. For on-site unloading and erection of low-rise steel structures we use small cranes on site. Our Mobiles Cranes are specially used for such purposes.

We have a strong fleet of skilled site engineers, technicians, formans, welders and erection workers for erection. They are well trained and professionally qualified to perform the difficult steel structures of both multi-storied and high rise buildings.

We use different modern tools & equipments for bolting, tightening screws, building alignment and measuring & and maintaining different other parameters of building erection.

We have a smart management information system (MIS) to communicate the erection progress to the Client and our Head Office. We regularly monitor the safety, weather condition and other environmental parameters for successful implementation of the project.