Building Types

  1. Gable Clear Span Systems


Clear span is the frame system of choice when maximum interior space is desired.   Applications of this framing system are often found in manufacturing plants, warehouses, arenas, and retail stores.   The tapered column rigid frame is a practical design solution that offers almost unlimited flexibility.   The straight column design provides maximum space and economical interior finishing.

Tapered Column—Gable Roof

Straight Column—Gable Roof

  1. Gable Multi-Span Systems


Multi-span systems are a good choice when an economical yet versatile plan is desired.   Multiple rows of interior columns are well suited to manufacturing and warehouse environments.   The number of interior columns and their placement is optional.

Single Interior Column—Gable Roof

Multiple Interior Columns—Gable Roof

  1. Single Slope Systems


The single slope is a versatile framing system with a unique appearance that is popular in the commercial market.   This system works well for office buildings, strip malls, and retail stores.

Tapered Column – Single Slope

Straight Column—Single Slope


  1. Lean-to Systems


Lean-to framing is used for building additions, storage space, equipment rooms, and other similar applications.   A lean-to may be added during new construction or, if the original design permits, at a later date.

At Eave Lean-To

Below Eave Lean-To