Building Dimensions

All building dimensions describe the shape of the building frame, before panels are attached, and any height references generally are pulled from “above finished floor” or AFF. These dimensions also exclude any structural accessories such as facades and canopies.


The standard bracing used in metal buildings is an extra high strength galvanized cable attached with eye bolts through the primary framing members. Some buildings may require alternative bracing methods such as portal frames or other rigid steel members in lieu of the cables.


The building’s skin is comprised of roll-formed panels used for the roof and walls. Sarker Steel Limited offers a variety of panel shapes available in standard unpainted Galvalume Plus® or a variety of painted colors. All painted panel materials are coated with your selected color on the outer side and an off-white washcoat on the back. The same materials are used for flashing and trim to define the buildings outer appearance.

Secondary Frame

Secondary framing is almost exclusively made from light gauge, roll-formed steel shapes such as C’s and Z’s. This part of the frame includes the purlins which support the roof and girts used to support the wall panels. Eave struts define the transition from the sidewall to roof framing, and the rake angle defines the edge where the roof and endwall meet. Jambs, headers, and sills for framed openings are also typically included in this group.


The concrete slab on which your building will sit is not part of the building package. We do not perform slab design due to the wide variety of influences from the soil types on your individual building site. We will provide information required for adequate design of your slab and footings such as reaction forces generated on the slab at the anchor bolts which are used to secure the building frame.

Primary Frame

This includes the heavier framing components such as columns and rafters. These may be used at interior bays or on the endwall. The primary frame will also include any interior columns. Primary framing members may be constructed from hotrolled beams, pipe, or from custom welded beam shapes.